How To Bring Your Great Business Idea To Life In 7 Days

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7 Day Startup – The Little Ads Story So you’ve got a new business idea – fantastic! Now how do you go about building your business? Ergh. This is where most people get stuck. They think about the business but then do nothing with it. Before too long, it’s a distant memory or another competitor […]

What Is The Best Entrepreneur Advice Ever Given By Experts?

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One expert says one thing and the other totally contradicts that advice. When you have two very different advice given by people you admire, which should you choose? This question came up after I recently completed a series of three tests which identified my personal strengths and weaknesses in business and sales. The results for […]

Can You Change Your Life After 40 And Be Successful?

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In 1999 I made the decision to change career. At the time, I was working with the most successful home building company in Australia. I had a senior position and was managing a small team. But I wasn’t satisfied. I wasn’t satisfied with the pay check I received each week because I knew I offered […]

Why Swearing At Your Wife Isn’t A Good Idea

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My wife and I got married young. We were in love and didn’t care that most of our friends thought getting married that young was crazy (I was 21, she was 18). Nothing much matters when you’re in love. When we married we didn’t have anything to our names. We rented a small villa which […]

Fear of change

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Change With Courage

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At some point, you’ve wanted to change your life for the better. Perhaps you wanted to quit smoking. You may have wanted to get out of that destructive relationship. You might have been unhappy with your job and wanted to improve your career. You felt like you could do more in the world, but had doubts […]

5 Valuable Truths That Were Missing From Anzac Day

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This past weekend citizens of Australia and New Zealand spent time in reflection. ANZAC day is in remembrance of our first major military action fought during the first world war. Over the course of the weekend thousands of people stopped for one minute silence. One minute. During those 60 seconds we reflect on what was […]

How To Avoid Cancer And Live A Wonderful Life

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You’ve heard it on the way to work while listening to your radio. You’ve heard it on the TV at night. You’ve read about it in your favourite paper and magazine. Something new ‘may cause cancer’. This week; It has been revealed that muscle building supplements may cause testicular cancer. This month; Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide […]

Laser Focus

How To Stay Focused: 7 Tips For Greater Success

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If you’ve been wondering how to stay focused then today’s post will be a big help. At times we’ve all wanted to stay focused for some reason or another. You might have personal goals you want to achieve and need to stay focused. You might have that task at work that the boss wants you […]