Building The Church of Common Knowledge

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I had a great business idea last year. I figured, there’s so much common knowledge around but it’s just not commonly practised. What if I could create a community that focused on building a life within the framework of accepted common principles that would result in a happier, healthier and more purpose filled life. WOW […]

Mind Blown Business

How To Think Of Sensational Business Ideas That Blow Your Mind

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Like all entrepreneurs, I’m continually thinking of new sensational business ideas. There are literally countless opportunities to solve problems for other people. Some of those ideas are very plain and boring, but can still be highly profitable. But I want sensational business ideas. The ones that will excite other people and excite me in the […]

He Who Dies With The Most Toys Still Dies…

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Remember when you finished high school? You spent all that time forming some of the best friendships – at an age where you’re developing into who you’re going to become. Years of mental gymnastics trying to find out who you really are and where you fit in. Learning to control those frustrated teenage hormones. Falling […]

We are all in the gutter

How to live in the gutter without being a judgemental asshole

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There’s something weird about humans. We have this need to judge others. We compare then we assess ourselves against our latest comparison. But for what? So we feel better about ourselves? It’s horrible to think that we need to put others down, either overtly or within our own minds in order to walk around with […]

Why Santa Didn’t Visit My 7 Year Old Son

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Back in 2003 I was a mature age student studying Software Engineering and had just completed my third year. Times were tough and the finances were really bad. This is the letter that I wrote to my 7 year old son for Christmas. I’ve kept it as a reminder to me of that moment in […]

40 Years Of Life’s Lessons

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Yesterday I turned 40. It’s not an important day to me, but I do suppose it’s a milestone – and one that I’m fortunate to have made. I thought I’d write about what 40 years has taught me and in some cases, has been trying to teach me. Friendship Making friends is a better than […]