Building The Church of Common Knowledge

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I had a great business idea last year.

I figured, there’s so much common knowledge around but it’s just not commonly practised.

What if I could create a community that focused on building a life within the framework of accepted common principles that would result in a happier, healthier and more purpose filled life.


That would be freaking awesome!

I loved this as I wanted to do something very different to what I had previously been doing. I’ve been on a soul searching journey over the last twelve months to think of something I could do for others that would also align with my own life purpose.

It needed to tick a few boxes for me.

• It needs to resonate with my personal ethics.
• It needed to improve people’s lives as individuals.
• It couldn’t be a gadget or a thing (a simple possession).
• It needed to be community based. That could be virtual or physical – but it needed people to connect with others.
• It needed to have an international impact. It couldn’t just be a local solution.
• It needed a spiritual component. A connection to the universe if you like.

The above criteria meant I could instantly remove a lot of noise from my thinking process.

Through conversations with a lot of friends, I realised what a lot of people needed was a common framework.

  • A framework to have a happy marriage.
  • A framework to build a successful business.
  • A framework to build and maintain friendships.
  • A framework to self improvement.
  • A framework to raise kids.
  • A framework for community contributions

This definitely resonated with me. Personally my own frameworks have worked really well.

Cross cultures & spiritual borders

No matter what you believe, there is a vast pool of shared common knowledge across all religions.

There are universal truths accepted by the majority of people.

It’s just a matter of understanding them and implementing them in your life.

So I came up with the name: “Church of Common Knowledge”.

That’s a great name! It’s clear, it clearly defines the purpose and it’s something I believe in!

I started having visions in my minds eye.

I could build a website and a community of people. I’d find experts to teach on each subject matter. Hold monthly webinars for members. Perhaps even have local meetups in the future as the community grew.

I was really excited.

I started to think about auditoriums where we could hold an annual event with some of the greatest minds on the planet. We’d have thousands of members come out – to learn and share their experiences.

We’d hear of happy husbands and wives who’s lives had been changed because of the Church of Common Knowledge.

Members would find their true life purpose.

They’d be happier than ever before. Content with their lot in life. Full of hope and vision for the future.

Then I visualised the sign above a building.

Church of Common Knowledge is just way too long. I don’t want to buy a domain name called – it’s too hard to remember and people would misspell it.

So I figured we’d just abbreviate it.

Church of Common Knowledge


That was when I realised I might want to rethink the name.