How I Got Rid Of Fatty Liver Disease Naturally

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reverse fatty liver disease

In December 2015 I was diagnosed with non-alocholic fatty liver disease (or fatty liver).

When I decided to get healthy again, I visited my doctor and he ran a series of blood tests. What showed up was that I had fatty liver disease.

He explained to me that the adjustments I’d already started to make to both my diet and exercise would help reverse fatty liver, so stick to it.

The good news is, I did stick to it, and in my most recent blood tests, I have reversed the fatty liver disease to the point where my readings are now almost completely normal.

All through diet and moderate exercise. That’s right. Fatty liver can be reversed naturally through diet and moderate exercise.

Before I show you the results of my blood tests, I’d like to give you some background as to how I got here in the first place.

Untruth’s about diet

When you really take a look at the misinformation we’ve been given for decades about food and nutrition, what we believe is often untrue.

Take the food pyramid that I grew up with. Turns out it’s wrong.

Food Pyramid 1982

Remember eating cereal and toast for breakfast? Yep, you were doing the wrong thing. NAUGHTY YOU!

Today the food pyramid has been updated and there has been a lot of shifting that took place.

Food Pyramid

However, I’d argue it’s still wrong.

Limit added sugar? Why? Why not simply omit added sugar completely?

Notice butter and margarine are both totally removed? Is that because butter could stay but margarine couldn’t, so they got rid of both due to protests from margarine manufacturers?

Why are fruits still included on the bottom tier when we know they contain more sugar than ever before in the history of mankind?

Are we still kidding ourselves that 90% of pasta and breads contain any of the good ‘grains’ that our bodies use?

Who funded this pyramid?

We’re living under a rock if we think business with self interest don’t influence these messages.

OK, I’m getting distracted and off point. What does this have to do with fatty liver?

In December last year I saw my doctor and got some blood tests done. Those blood tests revealed what was going on in my body – and, I was concerned with some of the numbers. Especially the numbers related to Liver Function.

Here’s a snippet of those results;

Fatty Liver Diagnosis

Cholesterol diagnosis

The alarming numbers were in my Liver Function test where my ALP and GGT had skyrocketed and were raising a big red flag to my doctor. These results show that I have a fatty liver. I also rarely drink alcohol, so this is classed as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

As you can see, these tests show my historical records since 2009. The ‘H’ denotes a ‘high’ score – above where the results are considered normal. The ‘L’ denotes a ‘low’ score – below where the results are considered normal.

My ALT, ALP and GGT test results all show a high score and my ALT and GGT have been high since 2009.

My Cholesterol has also been an issue for years. High cholesterol runs in my family – so I’ve probably accepted the numbers might be a little higher than I’d like.

That was in December.

Last week, I had another test done to see what difference my diet changes and light exercise program has made (if any) to these results.

Liver Function & Fatty Liver

Cholesterol & Fatty Liver

As you can see, my Liver Function is now in the normal safe range all except GGT which is only 7 points too high. My doctor was pleasantly surprised (as was I).

So my fatty liver diagnosis is now a thing of the past – all due to changing the foods I’ve been eating and moderate exercise 2-3 times a week. I did this purely with what I eat. I didn’t use tablets – it’s a result of natural food and nutrition + a small dose of exercise.

That means anyone can reverse a fatty liver naturally!

It’s important for me to answer a few qualifying questions that friends have asked – so here’s a quick FAQ:

Q: Did I use any medication to achieve these results?

A: The answer is NO. I haven’t taken any prescription medication or any drugs of any kind.

Q: Were you drinking a lot of alcohol before you took the test in December?

A: NO. I don’t drink much, or often. I might have 1 standard drink in a month if I’m out. On my birthday (11th Dec) and NYE I had a total of 4 standard drinks each night.

Q: Did you take any medication before December?

A: NO. I’m not on any medication of any kind.

Q: So this was simply due to a change of food and drink and a small amount of exercise?


Breaking down the test results

Liver Function:

When I saw these results I was really happy. I can’t effectively describe how happy I was. The only metric that is above the safe range is my GGT and even that is only just outside of the safe range, which blows my mind.

To restore my liver back to normal, I did some extra reading to ensure the changes I’ve made to my general eating habits were in line with Liver health. I bought and read the book ‘Fatty Liver You Can Reverse It’ by Sandra Cabot MD.

What the book reveals is how your liver likes a few things;

  • Raw fruit and vegetables
  • Water

That, coupled with learning a few interesting facts about nutrition from the documentary ‘Food Matters‘ (A highly recommended watch and available on Netflix) I made a small adjustment.

I’m now conscious of eating more raw vegetables with my meals. According to Food Matters, you lose so much goodness from foods when they are cooked. Also, if your meal is greater than 50% cooked food, it affects the way your body digests it. So now my lunch and dinner will often include (and on occasions breakfast) a raw salad.

As you might also be aware, I’ve cut out diet drinks, so my main drinks are water, water and water. Something I’m now used to and OK with. I do have 3 cups of caffeine free tea a day and a couple of my delicious juices a week, but typically water. If I have alcohol, it’s 1 glass of something in a month. Typically it’ll be a Lime or Lychee Mojito or a Moscow Mule.


While my results have improved, this is still something I will be monitoring. What’s strange is, the food I’m eating is quite opposite to the advice given to lower cholesterol.

For example:

I cook everything with butter, not margarine.

I eat the fat. The skin on chicken. The pork crackling. The higher marbled the meat, the more delicious it is. I don’t even regard fat as bad. I’m not saying I go out of my way to eat fat. I simply don’t skimp on it. Fat satiates. Fat also doesn’t break down as fat in your body – Sugar and Carbs do that.

Apparently, Fat also improves Cholesterol and Liver Function… Don’t believe me? Look at my results!

The earliest record I have saved for my Cholesterol is from 2007. Here it is;

Cholesterol in 2007

The test in 2007 is exactly the same as my most recent test, meaning I’ve wound the clock back 9 years.

I wonder what the next 6 months will reveal.

If you have fatty liver and want to reverse it naturally, then I’d recommend you do the following;

  • Eat lots of raw fruit and vegetables.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Cut out added sugar completely (I don’t have any).
  • Reduce refined carbohydrates like bread and pasta (I don’t have any).
  • Limit rice (I don’t have any).

Reversing fatty liver disease naturally and lowering my cholesterol has given me a lot of confidence with the foods I’m now eating. Coupled with my results of weight loss, I’m on the path to reaching my healthy living goals.

PS: I weighed in at 110.3 kg’s today – that’s a total of 19.5 kilograms lost so far since 1st November 2015.