Finding A New Normal

All it takes is one life changing moment to put you on a new path forever. This is that moment.
In 2010, my fathers sudden death was my wake up call. This book covers the events that transpired since.

Are you living the best life you could live?
Through this book, you'll find the questions you have to ask yourself if you want better health, greater wealth, and more free time to do what you love most.

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Just wanted to say great read and well done.

Peter S.

I don't quite know how to express my thoughts. As always you are so insightful and so able to articulate yourself. I loved every bit of it and it takes me back 24 + years. So proud that you have become such an amazing man, husband and father.

Teresa L.

Your words resonated with me and the stage I find myself in now, and I know that your words will also help me. Thank you for sharing your message.

Kathy SJ.

Good read, very insightful and challenging. Appreciate you sharing personal things you went through in your life.

John K.

I'm so happy for you & your family that out of tragedy you built something to enrich your lives. You're a good egg.

Wendy S.