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Get Better Saying ‘No’

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In today’s people pleasing PC world it’s easy to get caught up in saying YES to everything.

  • Someone wants to catch up to have the same discussion you’ve had 1000 times before… YES.
  • Someone needs your help with something unimportant… YES.
  • Someone asks you to do something for them even though they have the time to do it themselves… YES.
  • Someone expects you to drop everything, because they asked… YES.
  • Someone wants you to put off what’s important to you, because… YES.
  • Someone asks you to work extra hours, because… YES.
  • Someone wants you to come over while they get high and dribble on for hours… YES.

What is going on??

Why are we saying yes to everything?

Each Yes is an exchange.

It’s an exchange of your limited, finite, never to come back, time.

So the next time you get asked to do something you really don’t want to do be brutally honest…

“No thanks. I’ve got better things to do.”


(If you don’t have something better to do, then go and stop being a douche bag).

Over time, you’ll narrow down your life to the things that matter most and you may even discover you have extra time for the things you have always wanted to do, but never had the time to do until now.

Life is too short and with too many great adventures to have than to keep saying yes.