I Was Born A Baby.

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For years I was told ‘You’re not a salesman’ or ‘You’re not good at sales’.

For years I thought ‘I’m not a salesman’ and ‘I’m not good at sales’ – because that’s what I had been told.

Been told from people I trusted and believed no less!

People who I count as friends!

From work colleagues, employers, friends and family… I didn’t have the natural talent as a sales person.

They were right.

I’m not a born salesman.

Grant Cardone (who is one of the greatest salesman alive today) once said ‘I’m not a born salesman, I was born a baby’.

It was only when I was required to sell, in order to grow my business that I took selling seriously.

I stepped up to the plate and swung.

Initially, I missed, and missed often.

But I knew if others could do it, so could I.

So I bought sales books. I read and studied and each sales meeting was another opportunity to learn a new skill.

I would makes notes after the sales meetings.

I’d recall times when I didn’t have a great response and think of ways to correct that if those occassions ever came up again.

There would be times when potential clients would look frustrated as I was unprepared.

There were times I had anxiety attacks, right in the middle of a sales meeting that was going well!

And through all that, in less than 10 years of doing sales, I’ve sold well over 10 million dollars worth of products and services.

And I’m not a salesman.

Look, here’s the thing.

You’re not going to be good at something on day 1.

You might have a more difficult road to success than the person next to you because of their natural talents and ability.

But if you apply yourself and be willing to learn and grow and try new things, you’ll overcome all obstacles and find success.

It’s a universal law. You will reap what you sow.

If you plant seeds of knowledge, they will grow.

If you rehearse time and time again so your sales pitch is clear, benefit driven and compelling, you’ll be fluent when it comes time to pitch.

If you understand your customers and learn to listen and respond accordingly, you’ll connect with them and earn their trust.

If you can provide a valuable service that you know will help others, you’ll have the confidence to close the sale.

You might not be a natural at whatever you want to do. But you have every possible opportunity and available resources to learn how to do it and do it well.

Don’t let others determine what you’re good at.

Don’t let opinions discourage you from following your dreams.

You weren’t born a salesperson, a father, a husband, a good friend, a warrior, a leader, a conquerer, a home owner, an adventurer…. You were born a baby.

A baby with great potential.