Imagine if you can

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There are three of you standing alongside each other in a room…

The middle you is the version of you that exists today.

To your right, there’s the better version of you. Not a fantastical version. A version that is very possible.

  • He is fitter and healthier looking.
  • Well dressed and well groomed.
  • The kind of you that you’d be happy to see on an Instagram post.
  • He looks more successful.
  • Definitely earns more money – you can see it in his clothing and jewellery.
  • He looks happy. Content within himself.
  • He’s making a difference and lives a life that has a well defined purpose.
  • He’s happy with his relationships. His sex life is terrific. He loves his kids and they love him.
  • People respect and admire him.
  • He’s a man of his word. Trusted. Grounded.
  • He’s an alpha. A leader that others look to.
  • Well educated. He keeps himself mentally sharp and is well read.
  • He has fears, worries and concerns, but he takes those in his stride.
  • He’s dependable. Reliable. Confident.

In stark contrast, to your left, there’s the lesser version of you. You can see it wouldn’t take much to become that version of yourself. It’s kind of like seeing yourself on a ‘bad hair day’.

  • He’s let himself go. Overweight and unfit.
  • He looks dishevelled.
  • He’s wearing an oversized jumper, tracksuit pants and an old pair of sneakers.
  • He hates his job.
  • He’s not happy at home.
  • His kids don’t like him. They think he’s a selfish asshole.
  • He’s barely paying the bills.
  • He’s been floating around for years – pretty aimlessly not knowing what to do with his life.
  • He doesn’t set goals to achieve.. he’s given up on his dreams.
  • His life is now a result of what happens around him. Blowing in the wind.
  • Why would people listen to him? Why would anyone care about his opinion?
  • He’s a beta. In a room filled with better men, he takes a back seat and slinks into the shadows.
  • He hasn’t learned anything new in years. He plays games, watches TV and barely thinks for himself.
  • If the smallest problem comes up, he runs away and ignores it hoping it will go away… but it never does.
  • It feels like every bad thing is accumulating on him – all at once.
  • He’s afraid. Afraid of what the future holds. Afraid to change. Afraid of what others think.

All three versions are possibilities

The version of you right now is a culmination of your decisions and yours alone.

Sure, you can make up some narrative that justifies why you are where you are in life, but you’re only fooling yourself.

No one else is to blame.

Your decisions got you where you are today.

If you’d made better decisions, wiser choices, pressed through those difficult times and continued with your goals, you’d probably be the better man today. In fact… that better man isn’t so far out of reach. In fact, I bet you’re thinking right now he’s pretty easily attainable right?

Like really… how much better than you is he? 1%? 5%? Even a 10% better version of you is a very significant difference.

But then again, why bother?

If you’re content with where you’re at right now, add being ‘a liar’ to that list of the lesser man.

No man is content. It’s not how we’re made.

So choose.

Will you become the better man?

The lesser man is easy to attain. Simply be indecisive. Don’t choose to do anything. Don’t start anything. Certainly don’t finish anything. Don’t do anything worthwhile. Don’t dream. Don’t set goals. Don’t go to the hard places. Don’t ever confront the people you love. Don’t ever do things on your own, while no one is watching, in order to better your situation. Don’t change bad habits, instead, adopt new bad habits. Don’t ever reflect in order to learn from the past.


The better man is waiting for you to decide.

He wants to exist.

He believes he can exist.

He’s just waiting for you to believe it too.

Your choice.