It’s not good…

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Most men I know don’t do well on their own. I know I don’t and if we’re honest, it’s probably all men.

I wouldn’t go as far to say we’re ‘needy’, however we just don’t do as well when we don’t have a female partner with us.

For the most part, men seem to know something is missing if they’re not in a relationship which is why most single men are always on the look-out for a partner.

That is evidenced by men being the sexual aggressor. Contrary to the popular narrative of today, men should continue to be the sexual aggressor and continue to ‘crack onto women’.

It should go without saying that no one is saying rape or sexual assault is right. Unfortunately in this day and age of PC and hyperbole, I felt it was required to clarify that as to avoid future backlash from the horde of feminazi’s who misconstrue everything to suit their agenda.

In 2011 Psychology Today pointed out that 93% of women PREFERRED to be asked out, compared to only 6% preferring to do the asking.

Even women prefer men to be the sexual aggressor.

The reverse statistic shows 83% of men also preferred to do the asking while the other 17% are soy boys.

The need for companionship and to not be alone creates a deep-seated drive for a partner which is common for all men.

"It's not good for the man to be alone" Gen 2:18

As a creationist, I often see scripture as overlooked truths and this simple verse says so much and is often overlooked due to its simplicity.

This one verse is one of the most important passages of the bible and describes how and why relationships with the opposite sex are so important.

Out of this one moment shortly after Adam was created, woman was created from a part of his flesh.

The removal of the mans rib, left him broken. A piece missing. An incomplete person if you like… almost as if without the other half, they would remain incomplete.

Curiously, the second portion of that bible verse completes the picture;

"I will make a helper suitable for him." Gen 2:18

The English language does not do this verse justice either. The word ‘helper’ would seem to imply some kind of subordinate. However, the more accurate definition of the word ‘helper’ (“ezer” – in the Hebrew language) is always used in the context of vitally important & powerful acts of rescue and support.

"I will make him a vitally important partner to help rescue and support him." - Sounds quite different right?

Someone who is vitally important should not be seen as an option.

They should never be taken for granted.

They should never be mistreated, abused or hurt.

That person is vitally important to you as a man.

That person, is worth searching for, finding and choosing as your partner for life.

Which is why on average:

It’s not good for you to be alone.