Why Now is The Time For You To Join The Freedom Economy

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There’s a social and economic revolution happening right now.

It’s happening in your country, in your city and in your suburb. In fact, it might be happening right next door.

It’s called the Freedom Economy.

It’s so popular that it’s spreading like wildfire and if you’re not yet in on it then you’re missing out.

For years we have lived in a system that wants to control us. Our time, our thoughts, our finances and spending habits. Our choices are guided by others. Our ability to choose reduced and in the worst cases, removed.

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve already experienced the cause. You have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. Keeping up with the Joneses is no longer attractive. “Fuck it,” you say… “I want to be Mr Jones.”

Mr Jones has.

Has what exactly?

Mr Jones has what you don’t. Mr Jones lives in the Freedom Economy.

He chooses how he spends his time. He chooses how much he wants to earn. He chooses to only do what he loves. He chooses not to listen to others opinions. He chooses to ignore the system.

Steve, WTF are you on about?

In 2010 I transitioned to a parallel universe. I knew people that lived on the other side and I chose to join them.

I left a well paid job where I was making a multiple 6 figure salary. I chose instead to throw my lot in with the Freedom Economy.

The Freedom Economy is where you choose you first. You decide to do whatever you would like to do instead of being ‘required’ to.

  • You choose how you’ll earn money.
  • You choose the rules your business will operate under.
  • You choose the time you’ll spend at work.
  • You choose to set your prices as high as you like.
  • You choose what clients you work with and what clients you don’t.
  • You choose to go to the beach instead of sitting in the office on that beautiful summers day.
  • You choose to hang out at a cafe with friends, while others sit in their office cubicle.
  • You choose to write a book, because you had something to share with the world.
  • You choose to learn more skills and grow personally and professionally.
  • You choose to travel and work while you’re on the other side of the planet.

It’s a very different universe you’ve chosen.

There’s no one telling you what to do. No ‘Have to’, ‘Need to’, ‘Should’, ‘Got to’, ‘Must’.

How to join the Freedom Economy

Step 1: Choose what it is you want to do.

In 2002 Kendra Scott had just given birth to her first child and she decided she would like to do something that would earn her some money but give her the flexibility to be the mum she wanted to be.

She turned her spare bedroom into a home office and created a few pieces of jewellery. Jewellery she couldn’t find anywhere else.

She believed in herself and the jewellery she created and used all of her $500 to get started.

After making a small showpiece, Kendra went from store to store showing off her pieces and getting orders. It all started to grow from there.

People were willing to pay for her jewellery.

At this point, she doubled down and made a few bold decisions to back herself. As she didn’t have money to fund the growth she could see at the time, she sold her car and took out personal loans.

As with any new venture, there is risk.

There were times Kendra wondered if she’d make it. Times when she feared she could lose everything. That fear motivated her to succeed.

As with many businesses, it took a few years to get off the ground. The break through moment came when Kendra created The Danielle earring in 2008. It defined her brand and was adopted by celebrities that gave her a huge amount of exposure.

What is great about Kendra’s story?

She chose to do business her way.

Business fit in with her personal values – her family was a priority, so her work fit in with her being a mum.

Best of all, she kept those values and employees enjoy flexibility in the workplace. Women can bring their baby to work. Her new offices have designated breast-pumping rooms, a TV area that continually plays cartoons and a feature wall dedicated to pictures of employees babies.

Her business, her way.

Today, that $500 initial investment in herself and her new business turns over in excess of $24 Million dollars.

Step 2: Choose how much is enough

Not everyone wants to build a $24M business and that’s OK. After all, it requires a different skill set to employ hundreds of people, negotiate trade agreements, retail leasing, manufacturing licenses, trademarks and so on.

For some people, the Freedom economy is about replacing their existing wage they earn currently, but having the flexibility to work their own hours. Often resulting in less hours work for the same take-home pay.

In 1999 I negotiated to leave my existing job so I could work from home for that business. I chose to become a sub-contractor. But I knew something no one else knew. I knew how to do the work in less time. A lot less time.

In four days I would complete a months work and get paid a months salary.

That gave me 16 days to do whatever I liked.

This taught me a few valuable life lessons;

  • Employees are not paid what they are worth.
  • You’re rarely truly rewarded for your efforts when working for someone else.
  • Putting systems in place make life easier.

At one stage, I took on work from another business. That was the equivalent of 2 more days work for the month. The rest of the time I spent with my wife and son or worked on personal projects.

Money isn’t everything and finding a way to live a more balanced life is a challenge for most. Choosing life balance over bank balance is seen as a good choice for many people.

Whatever you choose is OK.

Kendra could have easily chosen to replicate her salary. Sites like Etsy make it possible for many people to earn income from hand crafted goods. If you’re crafty, take a look at what others are doing and give it a go.

Step 3: Put you first

The biggest investment anyone can make is in themselves. If you’re going to choose to join the Freedom Economy then be prepared to invest in yourself.

There’s a lot we don’t know and then there’s what we don’t know that we don’t know.

The good thing about putting yourself first is, you’re saying “I’m prepared to learn and grow.”

Even more good news, there are a lot of people out there prepared to help.

My accountant is someone I rely on when it comes to doing my taxes. They also helped me set up my company when I first thought I’d like to go out and start my own business.

Setting up a company isn’t hard. It’s incredibly easy and it’s also surprisingly cheap.

No matter what it is you don’t know, you can figure it out. Google is your friend, then asking questions is your next best friend.

Just know that you won’t have all the answers, and that’s OK. You aren’t required to have all the answers to switch to the Freedom Economy. All it takes is for you to make the choice, then take one step after another.

Step 4: Don’t over-complicate things

We often overcomplicate things. Especially with something as big as a business idea. After all, there are a lot of really big businesses that we see everyday. But they don’t start that way.

Apple started in a garage. It’s become the norm for startups these days. If you have a computer at home and an internet connection, you’re pretty much in business.

But what about your business idea?

There’s another thing we tend to over complicate.

At the end of the day it’s as simple as asking yourself these two questions

  1. What can I make or what service can I provide?
  2. Will people pay for it?”

If you answer Yes to number two, then you can create a business.

Trevor McKendrick took a simple idea, hoping to make $600 a month just to pay his rent. He took a look at the top apps in the Apple app store and found popular items that were selling, but could be improved.

The one he found? The Spanish Bible app.

Out of the few Spanish Bible apps, they were making good sales. But the problem was they were all terrible to use.

So what did he do?

He created an app. He found someone online in Romania to build a new Spanish Bible app and launched it. It was going OK so he took the time to create an audio version of the app.

All of a sudden things changed.

He started making more than $5000 each month from app sales.

In the first year, he made $73,034 and in the second that grew to $100,134.

Even better was the realisation that the product itself doesn’t take a lot of work. Once the initial work was completed, the app just sells itself. Over and over again.

That one simple idea is now making 6 figures for Trevor. Trevor is now a part of the Freedom Economy.

Step 5: Do it.

Now, it’s over to you.

Implementation is where great ideas meet the most resistance.

Be prepared to overcome – to push through the unknown and whatever fears or self-doubt you may have.

Ordinary people, just like you and me are doing it. There’s no reason why you can’t be one of them.

I’ve chosen the Freedom Economy, how about you?