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It’s inevitable for all of us to make mistakes, faux pas, poor decisions, errors in judgement, hurt others and make a fool of ourselves or worse…

But what if you were unable to repeat those actions?

What would happen?

Your poor decisions and bad knee jerk reactions were unreapeatable.

What would happen?

Your self destructive behaviour squashed.

What would happen?

I often think about those that have a life much more dificult than I have and yet have achieved some truly amazing results.

People like Oprah Winfrey.

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Oprah has been to darker places than most of us.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be molested as a child.

That’s horrific.

And yet, look at where she is today.

How was she able to move beyond such a terrible event in her life, when so many people can’t forgive another person for not showing up for their birthday is quite remarkable.

Changing the habits of being ourselves i both terrificly difficult and yet extremely easy.

All it takes is a decision.


Imagine if your bad actions were unrepeatable.

Oprah didn’t just imagine what it would be like. She did it.

Oprah didn’t repeat the same actions of unforgiveness. She didn’t repeat the same actions hurt, shame, embarrasment, confusion, regret, hate.

She chose to behave differently.

When the opportunity came up to be angry, she chose to do something different. She chose to forgive.

When she felt ashamed for what took place, she chose to do something different. She openly shared her experience.

In almost every way, Oprah behaved contrary to what most of us do and she overcame.

What could you do differently so those negative habits become unrepeatable?