What Are Your Intentions Young Man?

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Are you living an Intentional Life?

Did you choose a career path that required you to complete some kind of formal training or attend university or collage after you graduated from school?

If so, you know what intentional living is.

You made a deliberate decision to move towards a goal and you set everything in motion to achieve that goal.

You were intentional.

Most of us have done it, in one way or another.

We bought our training gear and joined the local football team. We attended training each week and prepared ourselves for the weekend game. We showed up on time and the coach gave us our role to play and we went out onto the field and did the best we could.

You had 1000 other things you could do that weekend, but you set your intentions on playing your chosen sport, for your chosen team.

Intentional living puts us in the place we desire to be, even if it’s for something short lived.

But it can also be for a lifetime.

Your career should be an intentional decision. If it’s not, chances are you’re receiving minimum wage and hate your job. But if you intentionally decided to do the job you’re in, you’re fully responsible for the outcome – Good and Bad.

Intentional living is living a life driven by purpose.

You’re in control.

You’re in charge.

You’re responsible for the outcome.

You are also responsible for the rewards. The upside. The fruits of your labour. The admiration of friends and family. The respect of your peers.

Sometimes living an intentional life means splitting off from your current path. A deviation which requires you to make some tough decisions and serious life changes.

You might intentionally decide to walk away from a poisonous relationship. To give yourself time to heal before pursuing new friendships or finding a new partner.

You might intentionally decide that your job is no longer fulfilling and take up after-hours study to prepare yourself for an entirely new career – giving up your time spent with the boys after work and a lot of weekends to complete your assignments.

You might intentionally decide to do the one thing you’ve always dreamed of, to write a book, to join a theatre group, to go on sabattical, to relocate to a new city, to take a course at university, to volunteer at a homeless shelter, to form a local social club…

There are so many options of what you could do, which is why it’s important for you to decide on what you will do.

That’s living an intentional life.

Living an intentional life will move you towards your goals and build a life that has personal meaning, to you.

Could there be anything more important?