What happens if you do it daily?

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Practise makes perfect, or so they say.

There’s something about repetition that we hate.

The activity becomes tedious. Boring. Annoyingly uneventful.

In his book ‘Outliers’ Malcolm Gladwell suggested that doing the same thing for 10,000 hours will produce mastery.

While this ideal has been scientifically debunked, the concept does hold weight.

10,000 hours in a career is just under 5 short years.

Ask anyone how they progress in their career and they’ll tell you. The same daily repetition will lead them towards mastery.

I’ve written about the Dreyfus model before, so I won’t go into that too much here… however doing the same thing each day can not only bring mastery of a subject, it can also help you see and recognise patterns.

Patterns allow us to inspect, often subtle details, that reveal insight that would otherwise be unseen or unrecognised.

For example, my daily routine for the last three years has been to weigh myself each morning.

It’s the same routine every single day.

Wake up.

Go to the toilet.

Weigh myself.

Now most personal trainers and dieticians discourage people from weighing themselves daily.

Weight fluctuates.

So while on a diet or a weight loss crusade, weighing yourself each day can end up being deflating.

Imagine doing everything right, only to discover overnight that you’ve gained 1 kilogram.

But I now look at it a different way;

Over time, you notice the smaller details and familiar patterns that emerge.

The difference that food types and fluids make to your weight.

For example;

  • Sugar causes water retention. So does salt.
  • Carbohydrates cause bloating.
  • Certain foods make you more regular than others.
  • And so on..

I can now predicably guess my weight daily, even before I step on the scales in the morning.

For example, two days after breaking keto and getting back into it I know I’ll drop the water weight if I had sugar on my cheat day.

4 days later I’ll drop a further 0.8-1.2kg.

It’s become routine. It’s reliable and predictable.

So while the repeatable actions can lead to boredom, paying attention to the details can lead to greater insights and help you on your journey.

Imagine if you took time every day to do something that was important to you.

Repetition > Insight > Predictability > Mastery

Are you doing something daily that will lead you to where you want to be in the future?