When willpower isn’t enough – try this instead

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I’ve been getting a lot of support from people since announcing my goal to drop 50 kilograms.

It’s ranged from moral support, diet tips and tricks, eating and sleeping advice, exercise strategies and more.

In a few cases, the support has revolved around how to keep my willpower active enough so I stay on track.

But I’m not using willpower, which is actually great – because every time I’ve engaged willpower it was always a matter of time before I would fail.

Willpower is defined as “Control of one’s impulses and actions; determination; self-control.”

I haven’t used one ounce of willpower since I decided to get healthy again and be 80 kilograms.

Here’s why willpower isn’t enough to succeed

When I gave up smoking, I became a non-smoker. That was now a part of my identity. As soon as I identified myself as a non-smoker, then smoking is off the table.

My identity changed my requirement for willpower.

You can apply that same principle to almost anything in your life.

  • When you got married, you stopped dating other people. Zero willpower.
  • When you converted to Judaism, you stopped eating pork. Zero willpower.
  • When you became a vegan, you stopped eating meat. Zero willpower.
  • When you became a non-drinker, you stopped drinking alcohol. Zero willpower.
  • When you became a doctor, you stopped looking for jobs as a nurse. Zero willpower.

Changing your mind on how you identify yourself will remove the requirement for willpower, because willpower is only required when there are options available to you.

So how do I now identify myself?

I’m healthy and returning to 80 kilograms.

Options are no longer on the table.

Willpower is absent.