YES, A Clear Conscience Is Worth It

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Recently I was training with my brother in law. He and I had been training together for a few weeks each Saturday.

He was encouraging me to do some unassisted pullups but I explained to him that I simply don’t have the strength.

He looked at me doubtfully and encouraged me to try. So I did and couldn’t.

I had been training that exercise on that machine but knew I needed the assisted weights to help me complete the movement.

My brother in law and I are similar in height but I’m carrying an extra 30 kilograms of body fat.

He then insisted that I keep trying, till I was able to do it.

My mentality though is different. I don’t want to be strong for my current weight. I want to be strong for my ideal weight. Which means when I lift weights I take my current body weight into consideration and put less weights on that he might… since I naturally carry 30kg more weight than he does.

I could see he didn’t quite comprehend fully what I meant, so I suggested he add 30kg weight to himself, then do a single pullup.

If he could do a single pullup – unassisted – then I would keep working at it till I could also.

He accepted the challenge.

He pulled on the body suit and went and stood on the scales. He weighed himself and slowly added enough weights to match my weight.

Then, full of confidence he walked back to the pullup machine.

Arriving at the foot of the pullup machine he then turned to me and said “Wow this is getting heavy” as he winced and adjusted the weight vest.

Jumping up to grab hold of the pullup bars, he gripped tightly and then…. hung there.

He couldn’t move an inch.

With the extra weight, he just wasn’t able to lift himself up.

A little surprised, he removed the weight vest and jumped up to the bar again…. 8,9, 10. He quickly and quite easily did 10 reps.

For me, I walk around with that extra 30kg and I feel it.

It weighs me down.

While I’m used to it walking around, I feel it when I jog or run. The extra weight is HEAVY on my joints.

That’s why I started the ketogenic diet.

I want to lose that extra weight. It’s an obvious hinderance. It’s unhealthy. It’s time for that weight to go.

When I was 19 years old I had a similar experience to my brother in law.

I found myself at a Christian church praying with a stranger…

I asked God to fogive me of my sins and physically felt like I was forgiven.

It felt as if a weight came off my shoulders. A weight I didn’t realise was there to begin with!

I can’t explain it logically – and I’m a very logical person. But there was a weight that left, like that weight vest being lifted off my brother in laws shoulders.

At that time I remember feeling like my conscience was clear.


Now, I wouldn’t classify myself as a desperately wicked person in comparison to everyone else… I’d say I’m fairly average as far as my list of sins goes.

But that one experience made me change my behaviour immediately.

After that one experience I came to realise that keeping a clear conscience is important.

Not having a clear conscience weighed me down and I didn’t even realise.

After being liberated, I now make my decisions being mindful of the consequences.

Not only how my decisions affect others, but how my decisions affect myself. My own mind. My own conscience. My own soul.

There are many times when I’ve told the truth, knowing I was going to face the consequences.

I’ve told the truth to my previous boss – and suffed his wrath.

I’ve told the truth to my wife – and seen her hurt as a result.

But being truthful and asking forgiveness these days feels better to me than lies and deceit.

As an imperfect person, it’s tough to say that, especially when I know it can come across as judgemental or that somehow I’m more righteous than others.

I’m not.

I’m flawed.

I make mistakes.

I do things wrong all the time.

But I hope to learn from my mistakes.

I know life is easier when I make good decisions.

I know life is better when I’m being honest and speaking the truth.

Life is nicer when I treat people well.

Life is easier when I keep my mind and heart clean.

That’s my goal.

Keep a clean conscience. Even when it may cost you personally in the short term. It’s far easier to sleep at night.