Four delicious recipes I love to make

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One benefit of choosing to eat real food is that you’re pressed to find delicious recipes that don’t include sugar and don’t rely on carbohydrates as a filler. Today I’m going to share three main meal recipes that I’ve been cooking regularly and one yummy smoothie I enjoy every now and then for desert. They’re tasty […]

When willpower isn’t enough – try this instead

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I’ve been getting a lot of support from people since announcing my goal to drop 50 kilograms. It’s ranged from moral support, diet tips and tricks, eating and sleeping advice, exercise strategies and more. In a few cases, the support has revolved around how to keep my willpower active enough so I stay on track. […]

How Ketosis helps me stay on track with my weight loss

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Most people I know haven’t heard about Ketosis but today I’d like to share with you how ketosis helps me stay on track when it comes to my weight loss. I don’t really want to go into all the technical detail about ketosis. There is plenty of information written about it already but to save you […]

Why I chose the Incremental Diet to kick-start my weight loss

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When it comes to making a permanent change in the way we eat, diets typically fail. I’ve seen this first hand over many, many years with failed diets I tried or my friends and family tried. Ever had boiled chicken and spinach for a week? GROSS. That’s probably the worst diet invented. Here’s how the old […]

Fat, unfit and unhealthy. All of that stops RIGHT NOW.

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What happens when you’re fat, unfit and unhealthy? You go on a family vacation with people you love and care about deeply, but you can’t keep up. You skip the bike rides around the island because your legs are killing you. You spend more time recovering in the chalet than you do enjoying the relationships […]

Being busy

Why being busy is killing you slowly

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Here’s a small tale of two people; A long time ago, in what feels almost like another life, I got a job working for a small luxury home builder. The owner of the company made me one of two project managers. When I met the other project manager he was instantly likeable. He was very […]

Why do some people change and others don’t?

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I’ve been drawn to this subject for the last few weeks. Why do I change? What is it that gets me to change and can I manufacture that? A few months ago I caught up with my sister who told me her initial thoughts about the book I wrote. She said “I was just so […]

What can I do today that will get me un-stuck?

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Don’t you just hate it when you don’t know what your next move is? Ergh, stuck… Stuck in a rut. I’ve been stuck. I was stuck in a job working a career that I hated. I was stuck on a wage that didn’t cover all my bases. I was stuck in an organisation that I […]

Why Now is The Time For You To Join The Freedom Economy

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There’s a social and economic revolution happening right now. It’s happening in your country, in your city and in your suburb. In fact, it might be happening right next door. It’s called the Freedom Economy. It’s so popular that it’s spreading like wildfire and if you’re not yet in on it then you’re missing out. […]