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How I Got Rid Of Fatty Liver Disease Naturally

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In December 2015 I was diagnosed with non-alocholic fatty liver disease (or fatty liver). When I decided to get healthy again, I visited my doctor and he ran a series of blood tests. What showed up was that I had fatty liver disease. He explained to me that the adjustments I’d already started to make […]

How To Set Goals And Achieve Them Consistently

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Have you set any goals for yourself lately? Did you plan the goal thoughtfully and fully or was it simply another “I’d like to….” goal with no real target, no realistic deadline, or just another pipe dream that won’t ever be achieved? We have all been there and done that. I couldn’t imagine the sheer […]


Learn From Your Mistakes When You Make Changes

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When you learn from your mistakes you’re able to continue to make experimental changes which can lead to a healthier life. In February I made a change to my diet that had other consequences I didn’t expect. The mistake I made was only small, but I learned from it nonetheless. What was the change that […]

The short story of Sugar the dragon

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If you decide to cross the chocolate lava cake infested moat, break down the tim tam gates, charge the sugar breathing dragon and stand victorious with your sword in it’s dragonscale protected lolly-jar, you’ll find the golden treasure it was protecting. But first you must choose to fight. On the first day, you make eye contact with the enemy. […]

How to get moving again after being sedentary for years

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I achieved a 60% increase in physical performance in only three weeks after following these steps. If you want to get moving again and if you’re like me and lived a fairly sedentary life, then this will help. First a little background. Towards the end of last year my family had a holiday on Rottnest Island. […]


Four delicious recipes I love to make

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One benefit of choosing to eat real food is that you’re pressed to find delicious recipes that don’t include sugar and don’t rely on carbohydrates as a filler. Today I’m going to share three main meal recipes that I’ve been cooking regularly and one yummy smoothie I enjoy every now and then for desert. They’re tasty […]

When willpower isn’t enough – try this instead

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I’ve been getting a lot of support from people since announcing my goal to drop 50 kilograms. It’s ranged from moral support, diet tips and tricks, eating and sleeping advice, exercise strategies and more. In a few cases, the support has revolved around how to keep my willpower active enough so I stay on track. […]

How Ketosis helps me stay on track with my weight loss

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Most people I know haven’t heard about Ketosis but today I’d like to share with you how ketosis helps me stay on track when it comes to my weight loss. I don’t really want to go into all the technical detail about ketosis. There is plenty of information written about it already but to save you […]

Why I chose the Incremental Diet to kick-start my weight loss

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When it comes to making a permanent change in the way we eat, diets typically fail. I’ve seen this first hand over many, many years with failed diets I tried or my friends and family tried. Ever had boiled chicken and spinach for a week? GROSS. That’s probably the worst diet invented. Here’s how the old […]